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It may seem like Stacey Moore has her life together … but that’s because she always sticks to the plan.


On the night of her bachelorette party, Stacey decides to get a tarot card reading. When the cards reveal that not only is she not on her divine path, but her fiancé is hiding something, she impulsively leaves him at the altar.


Hoping for a fresh start, Stacey decides to take a job as an art teacher in a different town. Art is the one thing in Stacey’s life that comes easy to her, and she’s positive that teaching kids art is her purpose in life, so when she finds out the teaching position is only temporary, Stacey consults the cards again for some clarity.
But the cards don’t want to talk about work, they want to talk about love. And according to the cards, Stacey has two love energies surrounding her! It’s hard enough for Stacey to stay focused on a good day, but now she has to figure out a way to impress the new principal while navigating a love triangle.
Could finding true love be the key to getting back on her divine path?

WRITTEN IN THE CARDS is the first book in the Love in Lovington cozy romance series. If you like quirky, flawed heroines, small-town feels, and nineties nostalgia, then you’ll love Dana Storino’s sweet, realistic romance.


Amazon Exclusive

Written in the Cards

  • When a neurodivergent romantic regrets letting the visions of a tarot card reader interfere in her love life, she learns fate can be fluid and not all happy endings are written in the cards.

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