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In the Hands of Men

  • Haunted by the loss of her cousin, Delilah has curated a world of revenge—playing judge, jury, and executioner while, you know, searching for love.

    Maybe murdering gives her the control she craves. Maybe it fills the gaping hole that was left when Cedar disappeared. Maybe her rage is ancestral, dating back to all of the Indigenous women before her whose cases were closed without much of a search.


    She’s never been close to getting caught, but as a virus ripples through the world, devolving men into animals, she gets a little sloppy. Now she must ask herself, is she a monster too or is she simply taking her power back from the hands of men?

  • Gin Sexsmith is an Indigenous writer and musician from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. Obsessed with the darker sides of our psyche, Gin's work explores love, loss, sexuality, and mental illness. When she's not creating art, Gin is busy trying to find her way in this world as a mixed-blood Mohawk woman.

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