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Driftwood Diary

  • Defying all odds, Max makes it to safety only to be snubbed by the local authorities. With no money, no family, and no home, she resorts to living among the dead in a secluded mausoleum.

    When Cash Claiborne, a decorated Texas Ranger, discovers Max camped out in his family cemetery, he welcomes her into his home … and his heart. As feelings develop, his protective nature and lust for justice evolves into taking down the cult that tried to kill her. But their plan takes an unexpected turn, making Max feel like a failure and even worse—a traitor.

    With the line between right and wrong blurred beyond recognition, Max must navigate the murky waters of morality to face the ultimate choice between the revenge she wants and the redemption she needs.

  • Author of Backwater, Kate Boudreaux is a native Texan who specializes in authentic Southern storytelling across genres. Her work has been optioned for film and praised by some of the South's most exciting voices. Driftwood Diary is her second novel.

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